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Constant Contact v2 API

Welcome to the Constant Contact API portal! 

Having difficulty resetting your password?! Please reset it here!!! 
Changes made to the developer account profile now require users to include their First and Last Name. After resetting your password, please add your name in your account profile so that  you can reset your password normally in the future.

It's easy to get started building your integration:

  1. Sign in
    Create an account or Sign in.

  2. Register your app
    Once you're signed in, register your application and get an API key. 

    Choose Standard API Access unless you are already a Constant Contact Technology & Platform partner.
  3. Get an access token
    Click API Tester, enter an API key and click Get Access Token. 
    Sign in to your Constant Contact user account, or create a trial account; the access token is returned after you Grant Access

  4. Make API calls
    Click API Tester make API calls.

  5. Multi-user App?
    If your application will be used by multiple Constant Contact account owners, edit the redirect URI (it's set to http://localhost by default).

  6. Learn more
    Visit the Constant Contact developer portal for comprehensive API docs, wrapper libraries, and code samples.